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26 March 2008



I was a member of the church and it is very true! Here is a link to the SA Express Newspaper. Be sure and look at the document section, as he has been spending church money on himself, his wife and his preacher friends. Rick is not what he claims and the opposite of what he preaches. Here is the link to all the stories:


Unfortunately, it is all true. We were members of this church for 2 1/2 yrs and were heartbroken of the misappropriation of funds. We were asked to step down of all our serving duties due to my husband having a questioning spirit. We have since found a church with open books and a pastor with integrity. I do agree Rick is an awesome teacher however he does not practice what he preaches. We still love all our church family there and continue to pray for resolution.

God bless,

Bernice Wides


To read the SA blogs:

Rick Godwin is not a man of God....he is a greedy wolf in sheep's clothing and does not live what he preaches.

He had his oldest daughter, Shannon, put in an institution when she was 8, (this was in the 1970's) and then an orphanage. Her mother had died in a terrible car accident and then Rick married his 17 year old student.

They would not allow Shannon to have visitors in the orphanage, but finally her aunt (mother's sister) and maternal grandparents found out where she was and hired a lawyer. Rick and Cindy finally let her go live with them but only after they signed a waiver that they would not come after them for stealing Shannon's trust fund from her mother. Rick and Cindy had spent it on a trip to Hawaii.

The abuse that Shannon suffered under Cindy Godwin is unspeakable. And the amazing thing is that Shannon still loves her father and wants a relationship with him.

You say there is only one side to the story, but Rick has had ample opportunity to tell his side or even deny any of this but has chosen not to.

Shannon, and many others have all the documents to prove this story is true.

Please run from this wolf....these "big business" mega churches are about money and entertaining you so you'll give more money. Someone in the SA blogs used "spiritual orgasm," and that is fitting.

Elderly people are giving their life savings, IRA's, retirement funds, etc. to these mega churches and the monies are going into the pastor's pockets to build their own empires to themselves....mansions, designer clothes, luxury cars, mansions, private jets, where does Jesus fit in all of that?

Someone just posted last week that Rick Godwin has a lake house at LBJ lake and boats, etc. plus he just bought two new free.... and a "Godwin family trust." What is he trying to hide?


Good luck getting to talk to Rick Godwin when he comes there this year. He is always surrounded by a bunch of bodyguards in San Antonio. He leaves right after service and talks to no one (unless they have money). Even the day he spoke his so-called rebuttal, he did not allow any questions. And he refused many, many chances for an interview with the newspaper.

He has a father, mother, half brother, brother, and a daughter that he has nothing to do with. He has banned his own father and brother from the church and has been involved in some pretty shady deals.

Rick Godwin's ex sister in law has written in several times to tell their side of the story. Seems Shannon was put away in an orphanage and someone found out and told Shannon's mother's family (her mother was killed in an auto accident). The family finally did get to adopt her after they hired a lawyer to get her, but then had to sign papers that they wouldn't try to get the Godwin's to pay back the trust fund money they stole from Shannon. Rick Godwin took Cindy godwin to Hawaii for vacation with Shannon's money.

I think Rick Godwin started out well, but he let money and greed get in the way....not to mention some very bad choices. No one in the New Testament lived or behaved the way the prosperity gospel preacher's do.

Dont Hate

Okay guys dont believe all the drama, Rick has done nothing, and the sad story about his daughter, these people will have you believe rick this or that and none of it is true, there are two sides to every story, however this is a personal thing, not for the media, NOT everyone puts there personal business on the interent. Who would be that stupid, so before you believe the garbage, make sure it true, and they have proof of there bolognia.


Dont Hate

And another thing, the church SUMMIT, had a audit 2008 completed and the church is in compliance, these articles are all one sided, and the the blogs there in the express news paper will indicate as such. The reason all this took place was a little demon man named jim yolstrom stole documents from the church and because he did not get his way, he started crying to whomever would listen. Thats what started all this mess, the church wanted to be in compliance in 2005, so rick was doing what he needed to do, like any good pastor. He did it right.

Dont Hate

This will explain alot of what went on, a special thanks to Steven.

******I will put my answers in between these so you can see my response. I am really not worried about your being convinced, as I see you hide behind a famous indian name.*******

I find it quite odd that you would point out my and purgatory's imperfections in this blog, but yet you have no mention of the jocks/patrick/donate/personal/etc. personal attacks, foul language, ad nauseam.

It is YOUR above mentioned church representative that has disgraced the name of God and caused many of these posts to be removed. But it is typical of Eagle's Nest/SUMMIT to take no responsibility or accountability, so I am not surprised.

*****I will not respond to JOCK as he is not a representative of anything. Again, you have been less than civil, I don't know his problem. For all I know, JOCK is you trying to defame a church.*****

If there is proof to the contrary of any of this, then why hasn't he shown it? If changes were made since 2005, why in the first half of 2007 did Godwin spend $143,000 of the churches money for his own personl gain, including charterd jets? That doesn't sound like change to me.

*****How do you know what has been shown? How do you know what changes have been made? You don't and that is key in proving your facts. The great thing is that it doesn't have to be proven to you, but can be proven. Again, be very careful what you perceive as fact. It can be proven wrong and you are responsible for what you post as fact*****

I'm sure by now Godwin has paid back the church since he was using tax free money for his own personal purposes. Hello Senator Grassley and IRS!! But I doubt the money was paid back until he got his hand caught in the cookie jar.

*****The records clearly show reimbursement and checks with the appropriate ability to see that they were done each month and not at one time. Good try, but your thoughts can be proven as wrong.*****

Please Steven, don't tell me that you believe that it is godly to be rich too, and a curse to be poor. And please don't twist my words to say it is a sin to be rich, I did not say that. But it is a sin to take money that was meant for the poor and use it for your own greed. Church was never meant to be the "big business" it has become today. Show me where Jesus did any of this! And please show us where Jesus said we have to tithe.

****Ah the issue of giving. Some believe in tithing others giving. It is very clear that Jesus expects us to give and to do so cheerfully. It is a great excuse to not give, and your bringing this up let's me know who you are and who you are dealing with. I give, God blesses, that is all I care about. The scriptures are full of Jesus sharing that Giving is a command. Full of verses where God's servants deserve to live well. You may be jealous or looking for reasons why you don't give. And that is up to you. I give and God blesses, so I will continue. If it blesses a man who continues to share God's mercy and Grace, then praise God.********

"WHY WASN'T THE OTHER SIDE TOLD?" Did you really ask that? How many times did Abe try to get an interview with Godwin and the others? He refused because there is no excuse...and Godwin doesn't want to answer the very pertinent questions at hand.

****Journalism 101: When a reporter refuses to let you know what a story is about when calling for an interview, WARNING! And when said journalist reports a story with half the story, said journalist does not earn the right to the story. If the Journalist is not up front in the beginning there is a reason. And, in the past few months we have seen how this paper does what it wants with lies, then they have no right to the story. The press is not all knowing and does not have the right to demand anything.*****

This blog may not further the Kingdom of God, but at least people can see and read the truth and not be cheated, conned and swindled out of their hard earned money.

****You answered my question. Why would you care about it if it doesn't further the Kingdom of God? You are stating rumors as facts.******

Open the books honest...let people make up their own mind if they want the pastor dipping in the church coffers. Who knows...maybe you'll be surprised, they may want their pastor to look and act and live and drive like a rock star.

If Godwin is so innocent, then why hasn't he gotten a real board, and become accountable like all other non profits?

****Again, you know nothing of any changes and the board is a real board. Again, facts please not what you think you know*****

And about that carousel, since they are selling seats, and all the different ways to contribute money to the building fund, I'm certain the carousel is in there some where.

****Again. You are certain, but wrong. Please state facts not your opinion.*****

I have no doubt that if there were any lies here, or in the story, Rick Godwin would have had his endless army of expensive lawyers jump on it and the Express News would have been put out of business. And/Or the EN would have been made to retract the story....hasn't happened in 5 months Steven....wake up!

***I am awake, but thanks for being concerned. How do you know what is being jumped on? More importantly, welcome to the real World. Most stories with lies go unpunished. Again, since you don't know what is going on. Hold tight. By posting the above statement, I see you know very little about journalism.*****

Why does he have private investigators involved in all this? Why did the church need two new Mercedes? Why the Godwin Family Trust? Why the increase in credit? Why his and Cindy's exorbitant salaries? Why the LBJ lake house, etc?
All tax free? why did he turn on Larry, Sam, Mark, Jim, Darna, his brothers, mother, father?

****My family has a trust, and the point is? Any increase in loans was discussed at multiple leader/worker meetings. The salaries you have discussed on this board are slander. They are wrong, and can be proven wrong. The more you post them, the more it shows me you have no idea and are listening to false stories. It became clear to me who you are listening to when you mentioned his Father, Mother and Brothers. Since I have personally met his Father and Half-brother at the church and since I know that he is contact with them on a regular basis, that would be a lie. Since you posted that his mother lives here, when in fact she does not, I knew where your source came from. Since I know that he speaks with his family more than you realize, again it is a lie that can be proven. It is funny again that by the list of names, I know your sources. As for the people you mentioned, ask them because I know too much and refuse to share in your gossip. The comment on private investigators, if this is true, I can understand if people lie about you why WOULDN'T you have them? The only people who fear a P.I. are those who have something to hide.*****

And the most telling and shameful question of all....why did he allow cindy to abuse and throw away his fist daughter, Shannon?

****Talk about the biggest slander of all. This one you need to be careful of. Do you know Shannon? Or do you think you know Shannon? Beware of believing without proof. It is sad and unbiblical and when proven wrong, illegal.*****

Will you, can you, answer any of these questions? Aren't we supposed to hold the bible as our standard? Isn't a preacher, a so-called man of God supposed to be held to a higher standard?

*****There are answers. The bible is our standard, yet you chose to ignore scriptures about lies, gossip, slander, false accusations, etc. If you believe the bible is your standard, then it should be the whole bible. Not just the parts you like.******

So Rick has built a monument to himself.... but what's the point if there is no Jesus anywhere to be found?

****Jesus is found everyday at the church. Again, your ability to judge the work of God is worrisome and I pray for you.*****

P.S. You have no clue what I know, so don't even go there!

****I can tell by your posts you don't know much. And what you think you know is proof that God has mercy and grace. Because what you have posted is so wrong and slanderous, God's mercy to you. I want to give you a scenario and I want you to think on it and pray hard.

What if: There was a plan from the beginning and you find out later that all you have been told is a lie. What if you are wrong and have shared all this information and swayed people away from learning about a true loving God? What if? The story is much more than you think you know. And there are many people you have listened to who should thank God everyday that He is merciful. The truth will be known, and when it is, will you ask forgivness?

God's Blessings

as forwarded by dont hate

Darren Darlow

Thanks for this! Most interesting and very valid points.


Again, these people mislead you....the 2008 audit was right, but then again, so was the 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007 audits too.

Where Rick Godwin got "caught" was stealing money that was set up for MISSIONS and using it for his own personal TAX FREE gain and greed!

Here's the truth that an ex-member posted:
"All this talk about passing the "2008 audit" is misleading. The audit being referred to is a financial audit that has nothing to do with complying with the tax laws. Note the Church "passed" the 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, etc. audits while Mr. Godwin and his Elders were practicing their questionable spending habits."
Posted by: John at April 22, 2008 09:17 PM

Rick Godwin has also upped the credit limit for the Summit, leased two NEW Mercedes for the "church" (doubtful that any members will even ride in them much less drive them)....unless of course, they are the bought off and bribed so-called elders that are Godwin's yes men.

Jim Y is an exceptionally upstanding Christian man, and only reported this when Rick Godwin refused to change or talk to him about it. Several other men and women of high integrity were "dismissed" at the hand of Godwin because they dared to ask questions! THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT CONSTITUTES A CULT!!

What would you do? Turn your head? Walk away? Ask questions?

The part about his daughter is absolutely true. When Shannon was 8 yrs old her mother died giving Rick Godwin full custody. Shortly thereafter he met his new 17 yr old girlfriend (he was 30/and she was his student) and they put Shannon in an institution and then an orphanage. They took Shannon's trust fund money and went to Hawaii, leaving Shannon with no one even though her maternal grandparents and aunts wanted her.

I ask this a man of God? And again, what would you do?

When church members asked for Shannon, they were told that she was with relatives.


Again, the PROOF and EVIDENCE is at


Please note that Jim Yostrum is anything but a "man of God". Jim had meetings with multiple staff members at the church Rick Godwin pastors and made known his plans. He informed them with multiple comments about his past and how he was an expert at getting Pastors he didn't like out of churches. He even offered to get rid of Rick and have he and a couple of other staff members run the church. He commented that if he didn't get his way he was going to the media. Other comments included his friend at the paper Abe Levy and how he had friends who could run the church and he had contacted them.

When Jim Yostrum was asked if he had taken any of his concerns to the church officials he said NO he had not. When he was confronted by one staff member about these comments he ran. Now his story has changed. If this is not believed, ask Jim Yostrum to take a lie detector test. He knows he would fail it. Jim spent his 7 weeks at the church working out this plan. Not believed? As him to take the test. He will fail.

When Jim didn't get what he wanted and the articles didn't get Rick out of the church He and Larry Nail went after Shannon. They even crafted the "letter" that she sent out. When she sent it too soon, Larry became very upset and said very unpleasant things about her.

To the owner of this blog, please note that your thoughts on Rick are right on. He is making a difference in the World and refusing to bow down to conservatives.

A voice of reason

Shannon Ramsey? She is now going by Godwin? That wasn't her name when she was in jail for Fraud.


So typical of cowards when they want to protect their cult leader, to blame the victim!

I am shocked that so-called Christians would write something so despicable about an innocent 8 yr old motherless child. Cindy Godwin told 8 yr old Shannon that God wanted her to kill herself so that she could be with her mommy! How's that for a godly woman? Who in the world in their right mind would put a little girl in an institution, and then an orphanage and take off to Hawaii with his new teenage wife on Shannon's trust fund?

That is who Rick Godwin is......beyond shameful!


So typical of cowards when they want to protect their cult leader, to blame the victim!

I am shocked that so-called Christians would write something so despicable about an innocent 8 yr old motherless child. Cindy Godwin told 8 yr old Shannon that God wanted her to kill herself so that she could be with her mommy! How's that for a godly woman? Who in the world in their right mind would put a little girl in an institution, and then an orphanage and take off to Hawaii with his new teenage wife on Shannon's trust fund?

That is who Rick Godwin is......beyond shameful!


Why do none of Rick Godwin's family speak to him? Who all has he thrown under the bus to save his own skin? Why doesn't Cindy Godwin's mother speak to her? Why did Rick Godwin abandon his daughter, Shannon, at 8 yrs old? He wouldn't even let relatives adopt her until they swore they wouldn't prosecute him for stealing her trust money.

1Tim 5:8
But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

Rick Godwin's "god" is himself and money! He prostitutes the Bible, preaches the prosperity gospel, which is twisted scripture and lies.

He is accountable to no one and his board is his friends. His elders are bought off with bribes like designer suits and designer watches.


The REAL truth

Shannon Ramsey wasn't in jail for Fraud?


Jail for fraud. And she put her own kid up for adoption.

heaven sent

Rick Godwin is evil personified. It's that simple. Pure evil.

I really do not know, but whatever Shannon Godwin is or is not is directly attributed to by her father, Rick. Never heard of such cruelty as he has reigned on her life.

NO honest Man of God could or would treat another human being like Rick has treated Shannon, much less a father treating his own child this way. It is unforgivable. May you rest in hell, Rick Godwin.


Shannon has shared her testimony openly and honestly, and she was not in jail for fraud!! MORE LIES! If I remember correctly, she let her sister adopt her baby. Now if that was anyone else, everyone would say adoption is an act of least she didn't abort him. Be fair!

As for jail, her testimony states that she got addicted to pain pills from an injury she sustained.

Ask yourself what you think you would have done if your mother died in a car accident when you were 7 or 8, and your father wanted to be with his teenage wife so they abused you by telling you to kill yourself, pull your hair, hit you, etc. then put you in an institution at 8 yrs old and tell you you're crazy!! Then when the institution won't keep you because you're NOT crazy, they throw you away and put you in an orphanage and won't tell your mother's family where you are. Shannon's grandparents finally found her and had to agree not to prosecute Godwin for stealing her trust fund before he would allow Shannon's maternal grandparents to adopt her.

Ya think you might have done some drugs too? I'm not saying that's right, I'm just saying that this woman (Shannon) still loves and wants a relationship with her dad and he won't even call her.

Cindy Godwin has a testimony that she now HIDES from the public and it has been pulled off the shelves at the church. Why?

Did she tell lies in her testimony of abuse that didn't happen so she could get sympathy from the sheep and they would think she came such a long way? She is a fake and a fraud! But all that "dung" sells tapes and CDs...big time!!

In Shannon's testimony she stated that Cindy Godwin used to tell her that God wanted her to kill herself so she could go be with her deceased mother. Some godly woman???

Please, the SUMMIT is a monument to Rick Godwin and nothing else. It is a show of wild spending and greed! There is no "god" anywhere near that place.....probably not even a respectable demon either, except the Godwins!

Any half decent man who has been so blatently caught like Godwin has been caught would have apologized and repented and maybe even offered to step down. But what did Godwin do? He said, "no one is going to tell me how I'm going to spend MY money!!"


shannon was arrested for fraud and other things. this is not a lie but facts look it up as it is public record. it is hard to believe the story of an ex-con arrested for fraud. she was also arrested multiple times for not only taking drugs but selling them. her story is a scam and she knows it as does God. how many children does she have and how many have been adopted? is her son around anymore? did she share this story with anyone else prior to being approached by a man to write an email that he wrote for her and then got mad when she sent it "to soon because it didn't get the impact he wanted'?

heaven sent

TYPICAL BAIT & SWITCH on Carl's part. So, now Shannon is the villain? Yep, bait & switch tactic.

True or not? I do not really know, but if it is, is it no wonder considering the treatment she experienced as a child and under the wicked hands of a spoiled psycho like Cindy Godwin and her worthless father, Rick Godwin. Even now, they continue use mental abuse on Shannon. You see, if it is true the difference in Shannon and R/C is REPENTANCE. Rick and Cindy have not repented and changed their ways even after all these many(30)years.


Are we to believe the words of a women who has been jailed for fraud, selling drugs and other felonies. If we are to go by her words it is proven that she has a history of lies and illegal activities. Where are her children and did she put them up for adoption? Was she forth coming to her spouse about the adoption? Is there a reason she didn't write the email about her story instead of having another man write it.


IF ANYONE SHOULD BE IN JAIL, IT SHOULD BE RICK GODWIN! Maybe if he hadn't abandoned Shannon she would have had a better chance in life!

Why did the FBI investigate Rick Godwin in Andrews, TX? No one ever answered that in the blog!

What about his shady dealings in using tax free money for his own personal gain?

Maybe the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree!

And this is a Christian? You accusers remind me of Satan....throwing away an innocent child like that!

It is very clear whom you represent!

There is nothing of God in you!


Please answer this question I ask of you. Is it that you throw out lies and untruths that you don' have answers of which you have no proof? Is the christianity in lies and statements that are false? A true statement is made that Shannon was arrested for many felonies including fraud. In wanting to know the truth we must know what type of person of whom we are listening. Would you believe a person who didn't write an email on her own about her own life and then was chastised for sending the email to early? Would you believe a person who was led by a man who made it clear his plan was to attack Rick Godwin? Would you think it was God's work when the man then stated that Shannon sent the email "prematurely" so that he was not able to get the impact he wanted? Pray without ceasing and search for your answers from our Father. In doing such a thing the truth was revealed to me and one day to you.

heaven sent

Carl. If the truth is what you are truly after, what about the truth regarding Rick/Cindy Godwin as well? The truth of their past and present.

Why just Shannon? As I said, if these things are true about her, R/C are greatly to blame for her outcome. She was only a child during this time of unspeakable cruelty. Surely, you accept that.

Seems to me that Shannon is being made the scapegoat in this never ending saga of corruption and greed.


The truth is no doubt what I am after. It is a matter of trying to figure out this story and is the witness credible. The story is so out of reality that it is not just believing the word of one person. The proof is what is missing and having investigated and found out from multiple sources that the email posted was not written by Shannon but a man who also told multiple witnesses that Shannon sent it to soon and he didn't get the impact he wanted and hearing from multiple sources that he referred to Shannon as a child in a 40 year olds body, it all seems a bit odd and contrived. Where is the proof and why is the story just now being told 40 years later.

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